BlockOLand Solutions aim is to protect privacy of its visitors on our website, BlockOLand Solutions established this privacy policy to explain what and which type of information BlockOLand Solutions collect through our website and how it is used.

In this policy, “BlockOLand Solutions” refer to BlockOLand Solutions staff include founding members, interns, volunteers & consultants, all of whom are bounded by law / contract to keep confidential information they receive as part of their assistance to BlockOLand.

BlockOLand Solutions never sell, rent, lease member any in any way either direct or in-direct. These member includes – visitors, donors, contributors, buyers, these members information are never shared by BlockOLand Solutions without prior consent except as compelled by law. BlockOLand Solutions is located in Estonia, therefore the process, transfer, and storing your information within the country, which may not provide as protection as your home.

Information used By BlockOLand Solutions Website Services

We may collect your personal data which include your geographical location, your full name, email id, age, telephone number, digital address, in order to provide you various services and features.

The purposes for which we may use your personal data, only when you agree to send and receive are as follow:

  • Any updates regarding our new services.
  • Any updates regarding to related to our upgrading of old or new services.
  • Any updates regarding adding new features or information to our website or services.
  • Sending newsletter to notify you about new information updated over online or offline BlockOLand Solutions services.
  • Sending newsletter to notify you about any events or programme hosted or organized by BlockOLand, it could be BlockOLand Solutions is part of that event, programme, festival which is offline or online.
  • Monitoring the use of website for its further update & development.
  • Recruitment for our volunteers, Interns, contributor’s positions.
  • Possibilities are that some of our members could be a potential investors, advocacy, reporters – could be used to send information, invitation ( Such users are not specified – so the mail will be sent to all users)
  • What BlockOLand Solutions Collect

    We strive to collect little personal data as we need to further complete our vision & goal of free Internet mission.

    We collect your little information when you visit our website, make donation online, subscribe to our campaigns & newsletter or mailing lists. We will let you know what type of information is required for each action.

    We collect:

  • Information regarding visit on our websites which includes all our subdomains.
  • Tracking visitor usage patterns.
  • We log IP address (which includes location data).
  • Browser type, version, device on which it is being used.
  • Operating system.
  • Visiting time (local server).
  • Sessions.
  • Action per visit.
  • Page views per visit.
  • Page shared.
  • Returning visitors.
  • Referring site information.
  • To sign up our news-letter, campaigns, petitions, mailing lists we need your name, email address, country.

    For donation: we require your real full name, address, payment information which include credit, debit card data if donation made via fiat currency.

    BlockOLand Solutions website and services are not intended to , for or designed to attract, individuals under age of 18, we do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from any person under age of 18.


    Use of cookies is limited to the number of purpose. A cookie is a small element of that data that our site can send to your browser, which may then be stored to your hard-drive, if you are concerned about your privacy and the use of cookie technology you may set your web browser to notify you when you receive the cookie. You may also set your browser to refuse the cookie our site attempts to send you, However if you refuse to accept the cookie some functionality on website may be unavailable.

    Store Of Your Personal Information

    We take industry standards security measures to protect personal information under our control from loss, misuse, breach, but like you have to accept that with every website, there are risk associated with uploading , sending your information online, where you also accept that information might be hacked, breached or compromised by hackers, because nothing is 100% safe over internet.

    When you are asked to submit your personal information, you are sharing that information with BlockOLand Solutions, unless stated otherwise.

    Member reserve the right to view, and request copies, deletion and modification of the personal data collected from you.

    BlockOLand Solutions do not have full credit cards, debit card numbers available with us, displayed or downloadable, credit card, debit card numbers are stored by the online payment providers/ merchants.

    Any kind of payment (purchased services, purchased goods, donation) made by virtual currencies/ cryptocurrencies are done by the Coinbase, cryptocurrencies payments if not done within the limited time displayed over the payment / barcode/ payment address area/ screen then BlockOLand Solutions is not liable for any payments done, but if the payment is reached over BlockOLand Solutions account later user will be informed.

    The website and its subdomains are stored on servers of Hostripples, find their policies and contact information over here

    Social Media

    We use social media and other social networking services to advanced and spread our mission and services. These platforms and applications are often provided by third party service providers. Please see their individual privacy policies for more information, and please let us know if you have any specific concerns.


    The BlockOLand Solutions (Help-Desk) team offers a real-time, direct technical assistance and advice to activist, independent media, civil authorities free of charge. The helpdesk may require personally identifiable information, such as details to your computing systems or website, to provide its services, the helpdesk may only share personally identifiable information with other parts of the BlockOLand Solutions team, when necessary with advocacy staff (individuals who are duly signed with BlockOLand Solutions) when it is necessary to solve issues on which the client request assistance.